Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Week in Pictures: A taste of Spring...

Most of the photos in this post were edited using Enlight, a powerful little photo editing app with some very cool artistic effects. For example, this photo above was taken in a bathroom and I edited the flower pattern in. {It's a few bucks on the app store, but I'd say it's worth it. I used to be weird about paying for apps, but an app here and there is no more noticeable than a cup of coffee as far as budgeting goes.}

Monday's weather was amazing, then the rest of the week was cold. Sigh. 

No such thing as too many string lights. I like what I like. 

Cardigan from Goodwill. 
Dress, shoes, and purse - all from ModCloth

{Got a little carried away trying out all the different Enlight features.}

Unapologetic bathroom selfie. 
Because I liked how my hair and make-up turned out and wanted to document it, damnit! 

Bobby on bass! 

Puppy sleepover parties are the best. 

Sleepy Friday. 

It's the weekend! 

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