Sunday, April 5, 2015

EASTER ♥ Puppy Pandemonium

Happy Easter, if you celebrate it! 
I personally don't celebrate Easter, but I enjoy any excuse to get the family together for a nice dinner! 
Also: Candy 
Tomorrow is my grandmother's birthday. My sisters and I went to Barnes & Noble this morning and found the perfect birthday card for her from the three of us!

Couldn't resist picking up this notebook for myself.

This is Darcy, my parents' goldendoodle pup. 

Lizzie let me borrow her bunny ears. 

She's nuts! I snapped so many great action shots of my dad playing with Darcy in the back yard. She was leaping over all the firewood! 

Evidence of Spring!!!

How cute is Lizzie?

My dad and my sister Julie. 

Our Daisy girl! 

Don't ask me which of these girls is cuter, because I could never decide! 

Darcy and Charlie, sorting out their differences. 

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