Saturday, February 14, 2015

50 Shades of Rape Culture

Image via the6thsiren

I generally try to keep my feminist, liberal, and/or secular opinions separate from my "Lace & Whimsy persona." Also, I rarely engage in comment debates with strangers on the internet. Well, I gave in yesterday.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have heard that Fifty Shades of Grey was just released as a movie. While scrolling through instagram yesterday, I came across a photo that Julep had posted with shades of their gray and silver nail polish colors and the caption "Who's excited for the #FiftyShadesofGrey premiere tonight?"
Ugh. I couldn't resist trolling a bit and adding the comment "50 Shades of #rapeculture."

I immediately began to lecture myself "Kathy, as a blogger this is no way to build relationships with brands. Grow up." But this is something I feel passionate about, so I left it. I was very excited a few minutes later to be tagged in the following comment from Julep:

Small victory. I have so much respect for Julep for listening to their customers and quickly making a change. Their new caption "Here are some shades of grey that we can get behind!" is much better! 

Now for a few of the comments a little more thoughtful that my snarky little "50 shades of #rapeculture" contribution: 

All great points and I'm so glad these ladies stepped up to speak out on an important issue. 

Then there are the slew of ignorant comments.... sigh... I responded to a few providing links to articles explaining why this book is so dangerous, then gave up. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing. 

Feminist land you say? Is that a real place? It sounds lovely! I would never leave. 

Wait, who is doing the assuming here? I believe miss @aaltemus is assuming we have a problem with the book because we are just "dummies" who think it supports rape or sex trafficking. Well, I don't know where sex trafficking came into the conversation, but the book DOES romanticize rape. Our problem with the book is not because we are prudish or don't understand BDSM. Quite the opposite. 

  • To @sherylovesitall: Oh, the classic red herring fallacy rears its ugly head. 
  • To @snplcho: Newflash: 50 Shades of Grey romanticizes abuse. 
  • To @rockwell666: I do believe you are the one ignorant of BDSM culture if you think that this book is an accurate portrayal. 

Image via the6thsiren

I'll step down from my soapbox now and we shall return to your regularly scheduled dose of girly bullshit. Julep, thank you for listening to our concerns and making the change to your photo caption. Very refreshing! 
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