Saturday, January 31, 2015

Practically Perfect In Every Way

The past month or so, I've been dabbling with watercolors. I've never considered myself to be particularly artistic as far as drawing or painting, but I'm having quite a bit of fun with this new diversion!
This little deer is the very first painting I did. I'm pretty delighted with it!

I found this carousel horse drawing I drew last summer (inspired by Knoebels!) and used graphite paper to transfer it onto watercolor paper. I added some embellishments with flat-backed craft jewels and my Martha Stewart Glitter Set that Chris got me for Christmas. Glitter makes everything better, right?

✧ ✧ ✧

My mother-in-law is a huge Mary Poppins fan. For her birthday, I decided to try doing a Mary Poppins illustration for her. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

First the sketch, then I transferred it to the watercolor paper.


What a difference a frame and a little glitter makes!

I painted her a little birthday postcard. I made the bunting design with washi tape!
I also bought her two macaron trinket boxes in pink, her favorite color, since she loved the mint green one that Chris got me for Christmas. I'm so happy with how this gift came together! I think she'll like it.

I'm really enjoying playing around with different techniques and developing my own style. I have a lot to learn, but painting is such a fun creative outlet! I'll continue to post photos of my work. It will be nice to look back and [hopefully] see how far I've come.

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