Sunday, November 2, 2014

"He who is a dreamer of dreams, is slave to no man nor condition."

I created an outfit style board with some whimsical finds reminiscent of fairytales. Isn't this dress stunning? I wish I had somewhere to wear it so I would have an excuse to buy it!

Debut Your Dazzle Dress /♥/ Electrify Suede Heels /♥/ Betsey Johnson "Hollywood Glam" Crystal Gem Cluster Necklace /♥/ Dara Ettinger Triangle Agate Druzy Rose, Firefly Ring /♥/ kate spade new york Neutral Multi-Cluster Stud Earrings /♥/ Tokyo Milk Le Petit No. 2 Parfum-1 oz. /♥/ Elusive Edition Bag /♥/ Antique Andersen’s Fairy Tales Illustrated For Boys and Girls on Etsy

In case you missed it, I shared the story of how I came to own this lovely book of poetry for children in my post "For I have eaten fairy bread, and drunk the fairies' wine." earlier this week.
"But he who does not believe implicitly in fairies, who has never lain in the summer grasses, and, looking up, seen castles and giants in the clouds; who has never lain under the stars in the solitude of enchanted woods, and heard trees talk together, and known they were personalities,—ah! he has missed the real beauty in life itself, and is to be classed among the sad."

Ice Maiden - The Dreamer of Dreams (1915) by Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac, Illustration for Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Bells” 

Al Aaraaf by Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac, Illustration for “Contes du Vent” by Hans Christian Andersen (1911)

Edmund Dulac, The Snow Queen

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