Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Hodgepodge

Does this count as decorating for Halloween? I've been working on decorating and organizing our condo quite a bit over this past year of newlywed bliss, and I am finally to a point where I am somewhat "finished" (I will never be finished. This drives my husband nuts.) Right now, I have little motivation to mess with the relatively-clean-and-organized vibe. Digital Halloween decorations it is.

I do at least have my Pier1 pumpkin lanterns on display! Since we used them as ceremony decor, they were in the more-accessible "box o' wedding stuff" as opposed to the "I don't know where it is, maybe in a box in my in-laws' basement" collection of Halloween hodgepodge.

Exhibit A:  Pier1 pumpkins & lanterns used to decorate our wedding ceremony location. My DIY ceremony decor details could use their own post. Stay tuned for a future Wedding Wednesday feature!
Halloween Treats Welcome Box

Getting in the Halloween spirit on my tumblr as well...


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