Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fabulous Fall: An outfit inspired by Modcloth's New Arrivals

♥ Collecting Carnations Dress
♥ Chateau Place Like Home Jacket
♥ Back in the Sing of Things Bootie
♥ Fashionably Emulate Tights in Plum

I'm so hooked on Modcloth. Can't fight it! 

I used Polyvore to put this little dream outfit together. I was inspired by some of Modcloth's fall arrivals. I love the way the tights subtly clash. The feminine details on the coat and the ornate earrings soften the geometric look of the dress and tights. I've had my eye on those boots for a while, but they are a little too similar to another pair I have to justify the purchase--at least based on my personal will-I-allow-myself-to-buy-this algorithm. 

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