Monday, October 20, 2014

A day at the ballet!

Yesterday, I took my baby sister (okay, she's 13) to see the ballet Giselle at The Grand Opera House. Delaware is so fortunate to have First State Ballet Theater, and I am honored to have performed with them back in my dancing days.

Giselle is easily one of my favorite ballets, if not my favorite. When I assert this statement, those not in-the-ballet-know often ask "what's that one about?" and I can't help but laugh, because there is no way to describe the plot of Giselle without it sounding ridiculous. Because it is ridiculous. (I have a snarky Giselle retelling in the works that I will be posting later this week! I'm pretty excited about it.) Despite the absurd plot, Giselle is a hauntingly beautiful production that I could watch again and again.

So let's talk about...


"Kathy, where could I buy this exact dress?" Nowhere, because I invented it. I bought this white lace dress from Goodwill last weekend. I didn't try it on, because it's not worth $6.99 of my time to try on a dress that looks like it will probably fit. (If something is too big, I can take it in; if it's too small, I give it to Lizzie! Everyone wins.) This one fit in the technical sense, but it was a little too short and I didn't love the way it looked. I had a mint green dress from Delia's that I wasn't in love with either (not trying things on also applies to clearance items) so I detached the slip layer of the white dress and wore it over the mint dress. Ta-da! I completed the look with a black ribbon sash to tie it all together, pun intended.

Tights: ModCloth, old.
Shoes: Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters, thrifted from Plato's Closet.
Earrings: LC Lauren Conrad from Kohl's
Necklace: Premier designs.

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